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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Q. How much does a JP charge to sign documents ?
 A. JPs do not accept payment.
     JPs are volunteers and donate their time as a community service.
Q. I can't get into Members Area
A. Delete your browsing history found under tools. When the website is altered your computer can try to get into the old website which no longer exists. You need to tell your computer to find the latest website by deleting the list of the last websites it opened.
This does not alter anything on your computer other than the short term website list it creates.

 Q. Will a JP come to my home to sign documents ?
 A. As volunteers, a JP can determine where and when to meet.
     The meeting place with a JP is an agreement between you and the JP.
 Q. Should JPs sign their own documents?
 A. It is not recommended for JPs to sign their own documents.
Q. I can't get into Members Area
A. Only financial members can access Members areas
 Q. How much does it cost to be a member of RAJWA ?
 A. The yearly subscription is $65 from 1 July to 30 June each year.
     Click on the Join RAJWA button, complete the form and submit. RAJWA
     will reply by email to you.
Q. I can't get into Members Area
A. Have you changed your password ? If you have, you need to submit another password using your new email address.
 Q. My password from last year doesn't work
 A. uses a new password system since 2012. You need to      submit a new password. Click on 'Members Area' blue button and then          select 'Create account' (see example on the right)
My new password doesn't work?
 A. Is your Caps Lock on; passwords are case sensitive.
 A. It can take a few days to have your new password processed.
     Please be patient.
 A. Only financial members of RAJWA have access to members areas.
     Submitting a password without being a member, will not be approved.
 Q. I can't submit a new password?
 A. Please advise RAJWA and they will create access for you.
 Q. I can't read the Journal
 A. Do you have a program to read pdf documents ? Adobe is one program
     that can be downloaded from the internet.
 Q. I can’t read the font size on the web pages.
 A. Hold the “Ctrl” key down and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to              change the size!
 Q. I find the password of 10 characters too long.
 A. If you usually use an 8 character password, maybe you can add zeroes to      the end to increase it to 10  characters.
 Q. Updates of websites don't appear, only old versions.
 A. Your computer keeps shortcuts to the websites you use regularly. These  shortcuts do not go to updated sites, they go to older versions. To go to  updated sites you need to remove the shortcut which is called a history  path. (this will not effect anything else on your computer). To remove the  history you need to be on your website searcher home page (eg Google) Go  to Tools then Delete browsing history... then tick all boxes (except if you wish passwords) then click on delete. Wait until it completes. Now try to re-open  the website. The updated version should appear.