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History of Justices of the Peace and the Association
When Captain James Stirling settled the colony of Western Australia in 1829, he appointed eight Justices of the Peace originally referred to as ‘Conservators of the Peace’ to “inquire into the truth of felonies, poisonings, enchantments, sorceries, act-magic, trespasses, forestalling, regratings, ingrossing’s and extortions whatsoever”. Captain Stirling gave the Justices of the Peace the same powers as their UK counterparts, who have helped uphold Westminster law  since 1361. The Justice of the Peace 2004 (WA) provides for appointment of Justices of the Peace for Western Australia. JPs today  have  powers that are specifically provided in West Australian statutes which are relevant to the execution or administration of purposes of such legislation. Western Australia’s first Justices of the Peace were  required to carry out a wide range of duties generally termed  as ‘administrative.’ Prior to establishment of a Police Force such duties included such things as organizing searches for lost children, reporting on movements of Aborigines and establishing the whereabouts of absconding seamen. They were also required to determine minor civil disputes between ‘master and servant’.
Until 1852  West Australian Justices of the Peace, like those in the UK, were also expected to oversee  local police operations and constables were required to ‘wait upon' Justices. Administration of constables prior to enactment of the first WA Police Act also fell to Stipendiary Magistrates who were always sworn in a similar to that for ‘Justices of the Peace’. Additionally they  acted as an agent for the Government in passing official instructions to settlers. Stipendiary Magistrates supervised the work of Justices of the Peace in their districts and presided over the majority of non-capital criminal trials. The  District Court Act of 1970 separated the court jurisdiction over on-capital offences further. Today Magistrates come under the direction of  the Chief Magistrate. Whilst the role of the magistrate has changed significantly over the years, the relationship for Justices of the Peace has diminished to some degree today and judicial duties fall within the Magistrates Court Act 2004 (WA) wherein JPs now only peform bench duties under authority directed by the Chief Magistrate.

Women Justices Association of WA

The first appointments of  Justices of the Peace for women were made in June, 1920.. 
There was much opposition from some Members of Parliament of the day towards these appointments, and in 1925 it was decided that a separate Association was necessary for women. This would allow them to address specific issues that could not be appropriately addresses by male Justices. 
On February 25th. 1925, Mrs. Amelia MacDonald called a meeting, which included Mesdames A. MacDonald, E. Cowan, J. Beadle, E. Mellows, Casper and Rapley. In June 1925 the Women Justices Association of WA was formed.  Members were aware that opposition existed to giving women full recognition in some areas of service. In a speech Mrs. MacDonald stated that…
"Our belief is that the walls of prejudice must fall before the onslaught of earnest, competent women, exercising their right to a voice on key issues, demand, not by favour, but by ability, their right to full Citizenship of the State. with a share in its responsibilities, as well as its privileges for public service. "
Over subsequent years membership of the Women Justices Association of WA grew, and requests for submissions on various topics of social interest were made….
Membership flourished through the years, and in June, 2000 a 75th Anniversary celebration was held over a long weekend. 
Members were active on all rosters for signing centres and court rosters, and
In November 2008, the decision was made to close the Womens Justices Association of WA. The Walls of Prejudice had successfully been broached, and all women Justices of the Peace are now taking their rightful place alongside our male counterparts, in all aspects of our work. At the time of the 75th Anniversary, a book on the History of the Women Justices’ Association was written. Copies of ‘Walls of Prejudice’ are available at the RAJWA office.
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Registrars of RAJWA
1916 - 1950     Henry Casper JP
1950 - 1976     Athel L Casper JP
1976 - 1981     J G Booth JP
1981 - 1986     Ronald S Mitchell JP
1986 - 1992     Albert AJ Thomas JP
1992 - 1997     Peter E Kretchmar JP
1997 - 1998     K T Graham JP
1998 - 2004     David F Kaeding JP
2004 - 2008     Philip Timms JP
2008 - 2011     Peter J McMahon JP
2011 - 2012     Geoff Quinn JP
2012 - 2016     Peter Maughan JP
2016 - 2017     Fiona Sassenfeld JP
2017 - 2017     Peter Seaman JP
2017 -              Greg Rickie JP

Presidents of RAJWA

1931 H G Southee JP
1932 W Lambden Owens JP
1933 F A Launder JP
1934 I Foristal JP
1935 A F Bishop JP
1936 J J Poynton JP
1937 T H Slayter JP
1938 F H L Binney JP
1939 C Diamond JP
1940 Dr H G Tymms JP
1941 A J Cantor JP
1942 J Herbert Eales JP
1943 J D White JP
1944 H W Taylor JP
1945 W J Sumpton JP
1946 Sir Thomas Meagher JP
1947 C Harper JP
1948 Hon H Tuckey MLC JP
1949 C J B Veryard JP
1950 W 0 Mansbridge JP
1951 I Foristal JP
1952 J D Whyte JP
1953 J Kyte JP
1954 F W Cato JP
1955 E G Semmens JP
1956 Hon H Hearn OBE JP
1957 A Spencer OBE JP
1958 J M Groom JP
1959 J Johnson JP
1960 Col J E Mitchell JP
1961 W L Roberts JP
1962 P M Cameron JP
1963 TA Chalker JP
1964 ME Hammer JP
1965 T G Smith JP
1966 L S Turnbull OBE JP
1967 J Chappell MBE JP
1968 N W Wasley JP
1969 N E Ranyard JP
1970 A W Latham AM JP
1971 Mrs D Dettman OBE JP
1972 G Samuel JP
1973 T J Farrar JP
1974 H J Crowley JP
1975 H J Stoneham JP
1976 T J Farrar JP
1977 D H Wood JP
1978 A W Latham AM JP
1979 Eric G Foreman JP
1980 Mrs D Dettman OBE JP
1981 Charles L Bladen JP
1982 L S Turnbull OBE JP
1983 FST Haywood MBE JP
1984 George Smith JP
1985 Marc F Synnot JP
1986 Maurice V Fawcett JP
1987 R M Christie JP
1988 M E Schofield JP
1989 R R Baker JP
1990 Joseph M Camilleri JP
1991 Mrs Diane L Annear JP
1992 R Young JP
1993 Mrs Laurel D Wareham
1996 Roy Morrish JP
1998 Maurice V Fawcett JP
2000 Peter E Kretchmar JP
2004 Colin C Beauchamp AM JP
2008 C F (Fred) G Belford OAM JP
2011 Rev Barry May OAM JP
2014 John Carstairs JP
2015 Ross C O'Neil JP
2017 Philip J Wright OAM JP

Life Members of RAJWA

Major General Michael Jeffrey ACMC
RM Christie JP
DG Doig JP 1997
Eric G Foreman JP
George Smith JP
RR Baker JP 1997
TJ Farrar JP
CA Fisher SM
HT Stoneham JP
Marc F Synnott JP
Roy Morrish JP 2004
Joseph M Camilleri OAM JP
Ian W Goyder JP
CFG (Fred) Belford OAM JP
Laurel Wareham JP 2014
Colin Philippson OAM JP 2016