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State Legislation website

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Justices of the Peace (JPs) are assets to the community.

     JPs are volunteers.      JPs do not get paid.
Justices of the Peace may
preside a Magistrate court
sign search warrants for the Police,
 - authorise the issuing of summons for Police,
 - preside a Prison court,
 - assess & approve bail and surety applications 
 - witness public documents.
  A Justice of the Peace should be willing to
 perform the duties of a JP at the times when called upon.

Becoming a JP is a great step toward assisting your local community and in certain areas, national and international communities. To become a JP:

1. submit an application with a State Member
    of Parliament or in regional areas a local

2. attend a Department of the Attorney
(DotAG) training course.
    (also available online)

The State Governor appoints JPs after recommendation by the Attorney General. Recommendation depends on the number of JPs considered necessary or appropriate to deal with public demand in local areas.
Once appointed as a JP, there is ongoing training required.

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