In 1978, the Town of Narrogin, like many others in country shires, was continuing to introduce deep sewerage and reticulated water. Singer Johnny O’Keefe passed away. The VB Commodore was a bigger seller than the Ford Falcon, cementing a rivalry between owners that would last for decades. Part of the sky fell in when 1979, when Skylab crashed in the remote south-east of the state and people around the world heard of Rawlinna and possibly Esperance for the first time. The Shire of Esperance fined NASA A$400 for littering. Many more people were affected by the introduction in 1979 of the right to Maternity Leave. This was also the year when passenger services were suspended on the Fremantle line, and not returned until 1983 after a big public outcry. Lots of things were big back then: big shoulder pads for women, big financial deals, big financial failures and a big royal wedding when our present King married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. Australia won the Commonwealth Games in 1982 and some of us probably watched Matilda the Kangaroo from office televisions while sipping the International Roast coffee that had become an office budget standard: our consumption of coffee had quadrupled since WW2. We were careful not to spill it near our chunky new desktop computer, if we were one of the lucky ones: in 1982, Time decided that the home computer would be Person of the Year. The word Apple had acquired a whole new meaning.

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